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Magicard Rio Pro
document Magicard Unified Driver V2
Magicard have just released (July 2013) the latest version of driver for the range of Magicard Direct to Card printers (Pronto, Enduro+ and Rio Pro. The Magicard Unified Driver V2 can be downloaded from the Ultra Magicard Website. Here is a walkthrough video of the new driver.
17 Jun, 2014
document Magicard Rio Pro - Setup and Installation
Setting up the Magicard Rio Pro is no more difficult than setting up any other printer in the Windows operating system environment. The following video will get you up and running in no time...
18 Jun, 2014
document Magicard Rio Pro - Setting up Ethernet printing
The Magicard Rio Pro comes standard with Ethernet or USB connectivity. The following video outlines how to get the Magicard Rio Pro printing on the Ethernet ...
18 Jun, 2014
document Magicard Rio Pro - Cleaning Instructions
Unfortunately we come across many card printers in the field that are not properly maintained and cleaned. This can lead to degraded print quality or even cause damage to the print head. Many card printer operators are simply not aware of the maintenance procedures, perhaps due to lack of...
18 Jun, 2014
document Magicard Driver Bare Files
Network Admin Magicard UltraDriver – Bare Files This is the latest bare file driver for Magicard printers V 2.0.26 *This download includes bare files only and does not include an automatic installer and should only be used by network administrators Compatible with: Windows XP / VISTA...
09 Mar, 2017