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Card Exchange - Duplicating a card design template

Article ID: 57
Last updated: 23 Jul, 2016

UPDATE : The latest release of CardExchange v9 now has a "Duplicate Card" option that automates the procedure below. It is recommended that you update to the latest release.


Do you need to create a duplicate of a card design template so that you can then make some modifications to end up with 2 different templates?

Unfortunately there is no quick and simple method, such as a "Save as" option in Card Exchange, but you can follow these steps to create a duplicate template :

1. Use Window explorer to navigate to the CardExchange folder - usually located at  ..\Documents\CardExchange\..
2. It is good practice to make regular backups of the ..\Documents\CardExchange folder, so now would be a good time to do so.
3. Navigate into the ..\Documents\CardExchange\Data folder and locate the relevant template file (ending in .cedx) and make a copy of it, renaming the copy to an appropriate name.
4. Open Card Exchange and go to Configuration - Advanced options and enable the Advanced mappings.
5. Go to Configuration - New card to open the new-card wizard.
6. Follow the steps of the wizard until you are asked whether you want to skip the wizard or not.
7. Choose to skip the wizard and click Finish. This brings you to the card-definition window.
8. Use the browse button [...] to select the copy of the card template.
9. Select the correct database connection and define any other relevant settings.
10. Use the Edit buttons to change the card template according to your requirements

Article ID: 57
Last updated: 23 Jul, 2016
Revision: 3
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