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Hiti card printer - Magnetic Encoding

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Last updated: 25 Jul, 2015

HiTi card printers that are fitted with a magnetic encoder can be used to encode cards with the appropriate magnetic strip for use in all different types of end user applications.

To enable encoding for the HiTi card printer you will need to go to Printer Properties/Printing Preferences/ Device options and make sure "Magnetic Stripe Card" is enabled.


HiTi card printers use macro processing to determine whether to send information to the magnetic encoder to be encoded or not.

The default macro processing strings for the HiTi series printers are

Note that the ~14$ is start of data, and the &~Y is the end of data
An example of the above to encode data to track 1…
The macro strings can also be changed within the driver itself  (see image below)
The Prefix and suffix filter is the HiTi equivalent of macro processing.
This window will also give you the ability to change the coercivity settings of the magnetic encoder for the appropriate card you have.
Further Notes

Track 1 can have Alphanumeric Characters
Tracks 2 and 3 can only have Numeric Character

If there’s a failure to encode, check that the Advanced Regional and Language Options (via Control Panel) are based on English (United States).

Article ID: 8
Last updated: 25 Jul, 2015
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