Matica XID8300 Card Printer

This product has been discontinued from sale.
SMART 81 as an alternative.
Matica XID 8300
The Matica XID8300 is a premium brand of card printer used in many high volume environments where printer durability and card print quality is paramount.

Its high duty cycle means it can print all day, every day and not miss a beat, that's why it has been chosen for many drivers license programs both in Australia and across the world.
We are a leading solution provider for your ID card printing needs, and take care to ensure that you are supplied the right package at the right price.

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XID 8300

XID 8300

The modular single- or double-sided Matica® XID 8300 Retransfer Printer was developed for industrial needs, as it is equipped with various optional modules such as bend remedy, flipper, and encoding modules.

Based on the longtime approved and extreme solid XID Retransfer technology, the printer is ready for plug and play inline encoding as well as lamination.

The printer delivers the right combination of reliability, performance and affordability for printing durable and secure cards due to its compact size. It almost achieves offset printing quality, even on uneven surface of smart cards.
Matica 8300
XID 8300 with Laminator

XID 8300 with Inline Laminator

Coupled with an Inline Laminating Module, the XID8300 produces a card with an additional layer of coating for extra durability.

The laminate can be customised with your logo or hologram to prevent counterfeiting.
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Dye film

High quality colour photo cards depend on system-matched supplies. Engineered, tested and proven performance assures our colour photo ribbons can help you achieve the best image quality and most reliable system performance, while ensuring low cost-per-card.

You expect brilliant, true-to-life photos and litho-like printing for your issuance program. Our range of retransfer colour printing options enable high definition and unique inline security printing technologies to meet the most demanding card issuance needs.
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PVC Cards

Blank PVC cards, white and coloured. Also available with adhesive backs.
Blank PVC Cards

The choice of Card Design and Printing software is as important as the choice of printer. The software that we offer has proven to be extremely functional and reliable as well as easy to use.


Any card personalization software can help you create your cards. CardExchange® gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect card for your needs in a simple and fun way. Within a few steps CardExchange® makes it easy to Create, Connect, Encode, and Produce cards!
Even before you start designing, your card looks fantastic. With several optional preloaded Card Designs to choose from all waiting to make it your own. With our Card Wizard you can create a card in just a few clicks. It’s that simple!
We offer the optional use of one our existing databases or you can connect to your existing database(s). With drag and drop features you can easily add fields to your card layout without all the complicated manual mapping of fields other software programs require.
And there you have it: a beautifully designed, fresh, high-quality card created in minutes.