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IDP Smart 51 - Installation Guide & User Manual

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Last updated: 16 Feb, 2024

Thank you for purchasing the Smart 51 ID Card Printer from Vision IDZ.

If you purchased the 'Smart 51 Starter Pack' then you will have received the following items:

  • IDP Smart 51S or 51D card printer, depending on which package you purchased
  • Colour Ribbon (YMCKO)
  • 2 packs of white PVC cards
  • CardPresso (XXS Edition) card design software (USB Drive licence)
  • Cleaning Card

Get up and running in minutes by following these 3 easy steps ....

1) Watch this video to install the ribbon and cards into the printer.

  • NOTE, do not connect the printer to the PC yet. Proceed to Step 2 before connecting the printer to the PC.

2) Download and install the Smart 51 Printer driver.

Download from IDP Download page , look for 'Printer Driver SMART-51, SMART-31 & SMART-21 for Windows''. 

The last step of the installation will ask you to connect the printer to the PC.

Go ahead and connect the printer to the PC now, using the USB cable (supplied).

3) Install CardPresso card design/printing software.

a) Download latest version of CardPresso from the CardPresso download page :

b) Activate your CardPresso user licence by plugging in the CardPresso USB drive (supplied) into your PC, and keep it plugged in whenever you print cards.

c) Create your card design template - you can refer to our "CardPresso Getting Started with your first design template video'.

IDP Smart 51 User Manual

Download the Smart 51 User Manual from IDP Download page , look for 'SMART-51 User Manual'

Article ID: 66
Last updated: 16 Feb, 2024
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