SMART Secure Cards

A trusted visual security watermark.
When creating an ID card, aspects such as colour, design and layout can sometimes take precedence over the most important element, the security. Without a card security feature, anyone with access to any ID card printer could make a convincing copy of your card.

All SMART ID Card Printers have a built-in card security feature that can be utilised – a frosted watermark that is applied during the overcoat process of printing the card.

The watermark can be customised to be your organisation’s unique logo or security design, and is only visible if the card is tilted against a light source.
Clear Overcoat

Clear Overcoat Layer for increased durability

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All Card Printers apply a clear overcoat layer as the last process in printing the ID card. This clear overcoat layer offers a level of protection to the printed layer, but if the cards are subject to extreme wear and tear, then we recommend also applying a laminated layer using a SMART 70 Laminator.

Watermarked Overcoat

Enhanced Visual Security with Overcoat Watermark

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Our range of SMART ID card printers have the capability to apply a frosted watermark image (such as your logo) onto the face of the card when applying the overcoat layer. This watermark is only visible when tilting the card against a light source. Alternatively, the image can be printed in UV, making it invisible except under a UV light source.
The watermarking security feature can be utilised without any additional cost, utilising the standard ribbons for the printer and provides a level of card security and an anti-tampering measure.

Watermarked Overcoat on Gold Seal

SMART Watermark applied over a Gold Seal

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Combining the SMART Watermark feature with our special Gold Seal card stock provides another level of security and increases the visual recognition of your ID cards. The watermark, applied over the gold seal, increases the visual appeal of the card.