BAR CHX - Bar quota management system

The consumption of alcohol in mine site camps can lead to poorer work performance due to hangovers and is ultimately a safety issue!

For these reasons, miners are to be limited to a certain number (generally four) alcoholic beverages in a 24 hour period. To regulate this, the Bar-Chx system (a wireless radio frequency card system) can be implemented to monitor and control the sale of alcoholic beverages to the mine site staff. The system leads to a decrease in levels of intoxication and reduces the incidence of binge drinking. It is expected that this will lead to higher levels of productivity and an increase in safety levels.

The Bar-Chx system can be scaled from one mess on one site, to multiple messes on multiple sites and remains valid across all sites.

The system utilises photo ID cards with smartchips and a reader that will only allow for the purchase of a limited number of alcoholic drinks to an individual in any given 24 hour cycle. The card is valid for the duration of the individual’s time spent on site and is revalidated when they return on their next rotation. Because the cards are photo IDs they cannot be used fraudulently or “held over” from one person to another or across time frames.

The ID card that is issued to the staff member will be valid in all mess areas in the camp site.
In its most basic format, the Radio Frequency (RF) cards are identifiers of the card holder and can be used for a range of purposes including personal id cards or swipable entry cards. To use the Bar-Chx system simply swipe near a certified and configured RF reader to ensure accurate reporting of movement or allocation. Every time the card is used with a range of RF readers within a minimum distance of 30mm you can log a ranges of events and functions ensuring that your business can accurately measure those functions. All data is securely recorded and backed up in data logs that can then be used for a basis for further reporting.

We continue to grow the system and look forward to hearing how we can help you implement a custom system at your site.  

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