Vision IDZ offers a wide range of ID Card printers, including Smart, Magicard, Hiti, Zebra and Datacard

We also supply all the related card accessories and consumables for your ID card printing needs, such as blank cards (PVC), ribbons and dye films, lanyards, card holders and more.

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Datacard products
Zebra Products
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ID card printers

ID Card Printers are now more affordable and reliable than ever before. They offer the unique capability of printing onto plastic cards (same size as a credit card) for a wide variety of applications including photo ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, student ID cards, and various IC card printing.

All of our ID card printers also provide, as optional upgrades, the functionality to read and/or encode to magnetic strip cards and RFID cards. This functionality provides a solution for issuing cards for access control, cost recovery systems in libraries, loyalty programs and much more.
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Vision IDZ is a leading supplier of ID card printers in Australia and offer a range of hand-picked brands including IDP SMART, Hiti, Magicard, Zebra, Datacard, Matica XID as well as all the required consumables (PVC cards, dye film, ribbons), card design and printing software and all the advice and support that you need.

Most of our printers have a standard 2 year factory warranty, but some of the higher end printers offer a 3 year warranty, as well as a "hot swap" agreement that provides for a replacement printer while yours is being serviced.

In-house ID card printing is a simple and cost effective way of providing your staff with ID cards, or your customers with a loyalty card.

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PVC cards

We only supply high grade PVC cards. Our range includes blank white (or coloured) cards, Magnetic stripe cards and RFID cards. Browse our range at our Online Store.
Blank PVC cards in a variety of colours. Same size as a credit card (CR80).
Blank PVC Cards
PVC cards with a magnetic stripe, HiCo or LoCo. Use your ID card printer to encode and print the card.
HiCo MAG Cards
Cards with adhesive back. Either paper backed or mylar backed.
Mylar Backed Adhesive cards
Holopatch cards, suitable for hologram printing with the IDP Smart card printers and the Magicard range of card printers.
Gold Seal Cards

Ribbons & dye film

We stock a wide range monochrome and colour ribbons and dye films to suit IDP Smart, Magicard, Datacard, Hiti and Zebra.

For our full range, go to our Online Store.
IDP Smart 31/51 Colour (YMCKO) Ribbon, 250 print yield
Smart 51 YMCKO
Magicard Colour (YMCKO) dye film. 300 prints.
Dye Film
Hiti CS200e Colour ribbon, 400 prints.
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Card Accessories

We stock a wide range of card accessories, including lanyards, soft and rigid cardholders, lapel clips, ID card zingers, and much more.

For our full range, go to our Online Store.

Card holders

Card holders available in durable soft or rigid plastic options. Landscape or portrait.
Card Holder


Plain lanyards in a range of colours, or pre-printed lanyards. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Other card accessories

Lapel clips, ID card zingers, luggage loops.
Lapel Clip

The choice of Card Design and Printing software is as important as the choice of printer. The software that we offer has proven to be extremely functional and reliable as well as easy to use.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can recommend the most appropriate software for your needs.


CardPresso is an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool for your card design and card printing requirements.

Available for both the PC and the MAC, CardPresso offers unrivalled functionality across various editions and is compatible with all card printer models.

We trust CardPresso to the job with minimal fuss, which is why we bundle it with all our Smart card printer Starter Packs.


Any card personalization software can help you create your cards. CardExchange® gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect card for your needs in a simple and fun way. Within a few steps CardExchange® makes it easy to Create, Connect, Encode, and Produce cards!
Even before you start designing, your card looks fantastic. With several optional preloaded Card Designs to choose from all waiting to make it your own. With our Card Wizard you can create a card in just a few clicks. It’s that simple!
We offer the optional use of one our existing databases or you can connect to your existing database(s). With drag and drop features you can easily add fields to your card layout without all the complicated manual mapping of fields other software programs require.
And there you have it: a beautifully designed, fresh, high-quality card created in minutes.
Pre-printed cards

Membership & Loyalty cards

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Vision IDZ is Western Australia's No. 1 supplier of pre-printed cards. Providing quality pre-printed cards takes careful planning in consultation with you, the client, in order to get the best result for your business.

Pre-printed cards can be personalised at time of manufacture or at a later stage using your own card printer.

Pre-printed cards are suitable for the following applications :

• Membership cards
• Loyalty cards
• Induction cards
• Events
• Danger Tags
• Transport
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