Smart 81 Features

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SMART-81 is a new generation retransfer card printer that offers the fastest issuance speed in the industry.

  • Innovative Re-Transfer Head Heating Control
  • Glossy, Superior high Resolution
  • Intelligent Anti-Dust Circulation
  • Complies with International Banking Instant IssuanceSecurity Standards

Super Fast Warmup

IDP’s innovative retransfer heating technology- Rapid Retransfer Printing technology or "RRP" provides the fastest "Ready to Print" metric in the industry.

No more waiting several minutes for your out-dated retransfer printer to heat up.

RRP technology from IDP offers power-on and Ready to Print in just seconds.

The SMART-81 produces higher-quality, sharper-looking images than traditional card printers. It is the perfect choice for demanding applications that require deep dark colours with infinity-edge (full-bleed) graphics on blank or technology cards.
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Affordable retransfer printing

Retransfer printing is no longer the domain of government institutions. Now small businesses and clubs can take advantage of this superior printing technology!

Reliability, second to none

Industrial strength, designed for extreme high volume.

The SMART 81 is backed by a 3 year warranty (RTB)

With comprehensive telephone and online support. Extended Warranty also available.

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Colour Ribbons and Re-Transfer Film

A wide range of colour ribbons and retransfer films.
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PVC Cards

Blank PVC cards, white and coloured.
We also have 2-up Name Badge card stock - see
online store for more items.
Blank PVC Cards
All consumables for the Smart 81 Re-Transfer printer can be found in our online store.